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Mother Angelica: An Inspiration for StoryTel

Mother Angelica's EWTN has been so supportive of StoryTel and we are so grateful for it. Here is a great blog post we found about Mother Angelica by blogger Jennifer Fulwiler

What Mother Angelica Taught Me About Radical Faith

 Inspired by Mother Angelica's example of radical faith, I recalled the lessons from her biography, and  came up with the top eight things that the rest of us can learn from her example

Here is our favorite part:

 Just start

 All throughout Arroyo's biography, you see the message of: "Just start." When Mother Angelica would sense that God was calling her to do something, she didn't wait until she had all the answers about how  it would work out. She would simply take that first step forward, and trust that she would get the  resources and information she needed to take the next step when that time came. When she first felt  the call to build a TV studio, here is how she responded:

She instructed the builder to expand the slab to accommodate a "television studio." The man looked bewildered, as if the nun had just spoken to him in Aramaic. "I don't know anything about a TV studio," he said.

"I don't know anything about it either, but that's not the point. We're going to build  one," Mother declared. With no dedicated funds, no business plan, and no hesitation,  Angelica faithfully leapt into independent television production.

"Unless you are willing to do the ridiculous, God will not do the miraculous," Mother said  of her sudden decision. "When you have God, you don't have to know everything about  it; you just do it."

read the full article here.

Should priest get Medal Of Honor?

This is a story and a half! Maybe we ought to consider an "On Assignment" documentary for this one?

Recognition finally for a warrior priest's heroics

by Daniel Nasaw


On 2 November 1950, Father Kapaun made the decision that led to his death. The Korean war chaplain was in the middle of a firefight, with the American forces overrun by Chinese soldiers outside a crossroads town called Unsan in North Korea. Lighting forest fires to frustrate US reconnaissance planes, the Chinese surrounded the Americans and pressed in, attacking with small arms, grenades and even bayonets. Meanwhile, Chaplain Emil Kapaun, a Catholic priest from a farming village in Kansas, gathered the wounded in a dugout shelter made of logs and straw.[see video and read more]

Read full article.

StoryTel Collaborations

StoryTel is continuing to help and collaborates with others who create media aimed at Restoring The Sacred:

One Example: We began supporting Catholic radio in 2011 by paying for regular commercial spots that speak of StoryTel Foundation as a friend and supporter of Catholic Radio and an organization that restores the sacred via media. 

The money we pay for these ads provides much needed funding for Catholic Radio while raising public awareness of StoryTel and directing traffic to our website. These ads have proven so successful in Omaha that we’re now looking at doing the same thing on Relevant Radio and other Catholic networks.

We’re also actively consulting and collaborating with a growing number of others who produce media with the same aim as our projects because the need is there and it fits within the realm of our mission.

A few examples are: Barbara McGuigan of “The Good Fight”, a popular EWTN radio program, and Barbara’s “Voice of Virtue” ministry, and another popular Catholic Radio host, Kris McGregor, and her “Discerning Hearts Media”.

Keep Restoring The Sacred!

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He's still with us!

Seven years after death, Bl. John Paul II remains 'alive and present'

by Benjamin Mann

"Blessed John Paul II remains alive with God, continuing to offer his prayers for the Church on earth, the head of the Holy See Press Office said on the seventh anniversary of the late Pope's death.

“John Paul II for us is still alive and present,” Father Federico Lombardi told CNA on April 2." [more]

Read full article.

Flanagan: a Servant of God

Boys Town Founder To Be Named Servant Of God

By Kevin J. Jones

"Father Edward Flanagan, the founder of the famous Boys Town orphanage, will be declared a “Servant of God” next month as the Archdiocese of Omaha opens his cause for beatification." [more]

Read full article.

A Banker and a Christian

The Last Apostle in Banking

by Shanny Basar

Goldman’s Lloyd Blankfein was ridiculed last year after he said he was “doing God’s work”. Now Ken Costa, chairman of Lazard International, has written a book on religion and work. [more]

Read full article.

StoryTel Shorts!

StoryTel Shorts is the working title for what will eventually be a never ending series of short subject (one to 4 minute) films. Each short will have its initial broadcast on EWTN and then we will offer them to others. Our first two programs, “Confession” and “Corpus Christi Procession”, are taken from two full length StoryTel programs. We re-edited each to stand alone with its own beginning, middle and end, covering only the top the title suggests.

We plan to produce many more of these little productions, some like these first two samples, will come from existing StoryTel programs while others will be created specifically as a short subject films. This is a great way to cover a topic quickly for less cost and it’s in keeping with the ever shorter attention span of people everywhere.

“Confession” and “Corpus Christi Procession” are located on the Screening Room page of our StoryTel website.

Here’s the direct link to our screening room page: http://www.storytel.org/screeningroom/

We have also put these StoryTel Shorts on our YouTube channel and our Facebook page.

"Trying to stop the drugs is a joke"

He's Doing God's Work

by Kevin Manahan

Since 1974, Monsignor Michael Doyle, 76, has been pastor of Sacred Heart Church in Camden. With bars on the windows in the shape of a heart and a statue of a black Jesus in the yard, the Catholic church sits in the middle of one of the city’s most blighted neighborhoods.

His congregation of 300 — predominantly from outside Camden — helps provide funding for a grammar school of 230 students, a soup kitchen that feeds a hundred people each weekend and a thrift store that sells diapers at a loss to local families. [more]

Read full article.

Pope or no pope, people need to eat

Quietly Doing God's Work

by Kevin Cullen

WASHINGTON - At approximately the same time the pope was standing in the White House, Sister Carmen Soto was standing in a food pantry on Monroe Street in Mount Pleasant, 3 miles north of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

They give out food at Centro Católico Hispano, the Spanish Catholic Center, on Wednesdays. And, pope or no pope, people need to eat.

Read full article.

"An Integral Element" -- For Communications Day, B16 Leads With "Silence"

Whispers in the Loggia

Keeping with the Vatican's longtime custom on today's feast of the patron of writers and journalists, St Francis de Sales, this Roman Noon brings the release of Pope Benedict's message for the church's 46th World Communications Day, this year's B16-picked focus on the need for silence in effective communications work alongside that of words.

In this relentless age of digital media, suffice it to say, making space for the former can often feel like the greatest challenge of all.

For entire article click here.

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