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StoryTel is pleased to offer the story of St. Peter Church, an episode of On Assignment, on DVD.

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Productions In Development

Miles Christi

  • When On Assignment heard about a small group of Argentinian priests dedicated to rescuing America from the "dictatorship of relativism" we had to investigate! What drives these men to set up a presence in the U.S. and try to reclaim our society one soul at a time?
  • This is the the story of the Miles Christi Religious order and their work supporting the laity in America, following a providential meeting with Fr. John Hardon. This film tells their inspiring story, and helps the audience discover the strength and joy that comes from doing God's work.
  • Shot on location in Argentina and Michigan

STATUS: In Post-Production

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Father Edward J.Flanagan: God's Work, Not Mine


  • An unprecedented media investigation into the spiritual life of Fr. Edward J.Flanagan, founder of Boys Town.
  • While many people know of his work with troubled and wayward youth, little has been said of the deep spirituality and devotion to God that inspired his actions. 
  • In light of recent scandals, Fr. Flanagan’s holiness makes him a modern-day role model for anyone who works with children.
STATUS: In Production


The Real Presence

  • Still in the early pre-production stages, we're considering a one-hour documentary focusing on the Real Presence of the Blessed Eucharist
  • The Eucharist: Eucharistic miracles and how the church investigates them, and the resurgence of Corpus Christi processions across the country. 
  • We have already completed a high-end filming of the annual Corpus Christi procession in Omaha, which will tie the video together, and have interviewed Archbishop Burke and others during other productions, asking them to weigh in on the topic.


STATUS: Pre-production