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'What About Me?' The Hearing Impaired Audience

Behind the Decision to Close Caption ON ASSIGNMENT Documentaries

It was Christmas time, 2008. We had just completed the new master for Saint John Cantius, Restoring the Sacred and I was eager to show it.

I was sitting in the living room with my best friend from high school, John Caton, at his house in Kansas city. I put St. John Cantius, Restoring the Sacred in the DVD player and pressed play as John’s daughter, Megan, sat down at the end of the couch to watch.

After two minutes, she was asking enough questions that I paused the program. “What’s the matter?” I said. John turned to me to explain,


John Caton and his daughter Megan as Santa and his elf.“Megan’s asking, ‘What about me?’ because she’s hearing impaired and can’t understand what it’s about.”

My excitement turned to guilt. I had never considered that a hearing impaired person would miss out on the message in our film.

That day motivated me to adapt StoryTel productions for those with hearing loss by adding closed captions.


Nearly 14% of the people in the U.S. have some amount of hearing loss, with a large share being at least 65 years old (Gallaudet Research Institute).

That is a large group of people who could benefit from our programs. Networks like EWTN, expect third party programming, such as our ON ASSIGNMENT documentaries, to arrive with closed captioning already encoded on the video.

In 2008, we were not a foundation and we had very little in the way of production funding. Today, we are still very small by industry standards, but we are now able to make it possible for Megan, and others like her, to be inspired by StoryTel productions.

We’ve just begun utilizing technology, which allows us to encode the closed captioning directly onto our videos before they reach EWTN or DVD, making it possible to view the closed captions on any television made after 1993.


From now on all ON ASSIGNMENT programs will offer closed captions.

I am happy to announce that the ON ASSIGNMENT programs, St. John Cantius: Restoring the Sacred, St. Peters: Where Heaven Meets Earth, and Miles Christi: In the Mission Fields of America, will also inspire the hearing impaired across the United States and around the world.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: StoryTel Productions to Reach New Audience of Millions

EWTN to Air Saint John Cantius Documentary in Spanish, October 2012

OMAHA, NE — July 26, 2012 — The investigative documentary, ON ASSIGNMENT: St. John Cantius Restoring the Sacred, by StoryTel Productions, has been adapted for Spanish audiences, renamed San Juan Cancio, La Restauración de lo Sagrado, and will soon premier to millions of Spanish speaking viewers in EWTN’s global television network during the month of October, 2012, a new audience for StoryTel productions.

ON ASSIGNMENT: San Juan Cancio, La Restauración de lo SagradoSpanish-speaking viewers across the United States and throughout the Latin American world will soon be able to see the inspiring and hopeful, true-life story of the spiritual revival of St. John Cantius church in Chicago. This timeless ON ASSIGNMENT classic has been expertly dubbed into Español for StoryTel’s new international viewing audience.

“What’s so exciting about this documentary,” says Don Carney, the film’s producer and director, “is that viewers are transformed and inspired by watching the stunning changes that took place, the way people came out of nowhere to participate, overcoming setbacks along the way, and all because one person said ‘yes’ to God.”

This inspiring parish revival story of St. John Cantius church in Chicago, was captured by StoryTel Productions’ ON ASSIGNMENT, an investigative made-for-television documentary series uncovering dramatic, transformative and true stories of the Divine at work in the world.

ON ASSIGNMENT: St. John Cantius, Restoring the Sacred, has continued to air internationally on EWTN in English, since its premier in 2009. “The program has been well received,” says Rebecca Amos, of EWTN Programming, “particularly by those Catholics who wish to preserve our historic churches.”

StoryTel’s audio engineer, Tom Krol of Level 10 Sound, spent many hours meticulously translating and dubbing the voices to create an authentic experience for the audience. Krol created an extremely accurate Spanish translation for the film, even accounting for language nuance and assigning a different voiceover artist for each person in the story.

The Spanish program, appropriately renamed ON ASSIGNMENT: San Juan Cancio, La Restauración de lo Sagrado, will premier in the month of October, 2012 as part of EWTN’s International Fall Line-up.

EWTN will promote the StoryTel production, during the month of October, in their programming guides targeting the Spanish market. The documentary will air throughout North and South America as well as Spain.
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New StoryTel Logo Sequence for Our Videos

StoryTel Foundation is proud to present our new StoryTel logo sequence to be used on all future videos. We think the enhancements and animations bring it to the level of any major film studio.

Here's the old one:

And here's the new one: 

It looks great in full screen HD too, which is the button on the lower right.

It has been a real team effort to pull this off. The artistic skill of StoryTel’s graphic designer Jeremiah Tutwiler, the man behind the curtain at Great Plains Motion Picture Company, Rod Jensen and the digital wizardry of Matt Riley, were instrumental in putting this together.

What do you think? Comment below!

The Ultimate Freedom

"For Greater Glory" Andy Garcia Film

We're posting this and other articles about the new movie "For Greater Glory" because it's an incredible TRUE STORY about how a government attempted to deny its people, in this case Catholics of Mexico, of their right to religious freedom. Enough people said "NO" to this outrage and demonstrated publicly; and some, as a last resort, armed themselves against this diabolical regime and went to war with them in a life and death struggle to restore their rights, to restore the sacred!

Here is in excerpt from the companion book to the movie:


By Archbishop José Gomez

The anti-Catholic persecutions in Mexico in the 1920s and 1930s are long forgotten, it seems.

The reality is hard to believe. Just a generation ago, not far from our borders, thousands of men, women and even children, were imprisoned, exiled, tortured, and murdered. All for the “crime” of believing in Jesus Christ and wanting to live by their faith in him.

So I welcome the new film, For Greater Glory. It tells the dramatic story of this unknown war against religion and our Church’s heroic resistance. It’s a strong film with a timely message. It reminds us that our religious liberties are won by blood and we can never take them for granted.

That such repression could happen in a nation so deeply Catholic as Mexico should make everybody stop and think. Mexico was the original cradle of Christianity in the New World. It was the missionary base from which most of North and South America, and parts of Asia, were first evangelized.

Yet following the revolution in 1917, the new atheist-socialist regime vowed to free the people from all “fanaticism and prejudices.

Churches, seminaries and convents were seized, desecrated and many were destroyed. Public displays of piety and devotion were outlawed. Catholic schools and newspapers were shut down; Catholic political parties and labor unions banned. Priests were tortured and killed, many of them shot while celebrating Mass. Read more.


Heroic portrayal of Christianity

'For Greater Glory' With Andy Garcia Breaks Every Rule In Hollywood

By Monica Showalter


Andy Garcia: Taking taboos off the back burner.

Hollywood puts out a lot of rubbish, but now and then something unexpected breaks through. Such as "For Greater Glory," a film that opens Friday and portrays Christianity, of all things, as heroic. Lead actor Andy Garcia talked with IBD about why it's different.

The film was originally called "Cristiada," a Spanish reference to a little-known rebellion in western Mexico from 1926 to 1929, where Christians rose up against a socialist secularist government that tried to stomp out religion in the name of "progress."

After peaceful protests failed, Mexico's "Cristeros" formed an army to fight the government in the name of defending their religious freedom. The three-year war cost 56,000 lives, but in the end, the Cristeros mostly prevailed.

Hollywood wouldn't be expected to touch a topic that put Christians in a heroic role. [more]

read full article.

The real life Aragorn!

The Poet who saved a saint's priceless letters

Joseph Pearce recalls the extraordinary life of Roy Campbell, who hid St John of the Cross’s letters from Spanish militiamen.


Catholic convert Roy Campbell was the inspiration for the Lord of the Rings character Aragorn

Catholic convert Roy Campbell was the inspiration for the Lord of the Rings character Aragorn

It was March 1936. A series of anti-clerical riots swept through Toledo. Churches were burned and priests and monks were attacked in the streets. During these disturbances several Carmelite monks, disguised in lay clothes, sought shelter in the home of the South African poet, Roy Campbell, who had moved to the city with his wife, Mary, and their two young daughters in the previous year. Four months later, on July 21, republican forces advanced on the city. Under cover of darkness, the Carmelite monks once again called on the Campbells. This time, however, they were not seeking refuge for themselves but for their priceless archives, which included the personal papers of St John of the Cross. Campbell agreed to take possession of these precious archives and that night a heavy trunk of ancient documents was delivered secretly from the Carmelite library to the hallway of the Campbells’ house. [more]

read full article.

Miles Christi CD - Online Preview

And, if you'd liked to hear the Miles Christi CD's that arrived yesterday, here's an online preview:

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Miles Christi Music CDs Arrive

"Miles Christi Traditional Folk Music From Argentina" Music CDs in Boxes

UPS just delivered 500 CDs of our latest audio production: Traditional Folk Music from Argentina performed by Miles Christi Religious Order.

I'm happy to report that we have already received a large number of CD orders. I highly recommend getting one or two copies of this CD before they are gone. The music is simply delightful and its benefits a great cause.

To order a CD call (402) 502-9258

StoryTel to Release Music CD Performed by Miles Christi Religious Order


StoryTel to Release Music CD Performed by Miles Christi Religious Order

CD will be folk music debut for international religious order

StoryTel Productions, will release an album of traditional Argentinean folk music performed by the priests and seminarians of Miles Christi, an international religious order founded in Argentina.

OMAHA, NE — May 9, 2012 — StoryTel Productions, a non-profit foundation that “inspires reverence to God,” is set to release an album of traditional folk music from Argentina performed by priests and seminarians of the Miles Christi Religious Order.

In their upcoming film on Miles Christi, StoryTel cameras follow two young seminarians from Michigan to Argentina to document daily life during their formation to become priests of Miles Christi, a growing religious order which offers silent Ignatium retreats in the U.S. and abroad.

While on location in Argentina, the StoryTel production crew learned that the Miles Christi priests and seminarians enjoy singing and playing traditional South American folk music. Recognizing the opportunity to share their heartwarming sounds, StoryTel Producer/Director Don Carney organized an impromptu recording of the musical performance.

Carney said: “They were so good, we just had to record them! I plan to incorporate some of the songs into our documentary Miles Christi: In The Mission Fields of America, which will premier on EWTN in 2013.”

Since the recording in 2011, StoryTel’s go-to audio production guru Tom Krol of Level 10 Sound, enhanced the CD audio and added a lyric book with an English translation that maintains the poetic nuances of the original Spanish.

StoryTel plans to donate the album, free of any royalties, to Miles Christi so they can sell copies and promote their mission: the sanctification of the laity, particularly of college students.

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StoryTel serves Christian non-profit organizations by enabling them to broadcast and distribute their story at a fraction of the production cost and sometimes even for free. StoryTel's media works provide Christian organizations an emotional and compelling tool to be used for their own fundraising. Support StoryTel Foundation as we restore the sacred.

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