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StoryTel is pleased to offer the story of St. Peter Church, an episode of On Assignment, on DVD.

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StoryTel Foundation

StoryTel Foundation is a nonprofit foundation dedicated to creating, promoting and distributing compelling documentaries, films, videos and other media that tell the uncommon stories of individuals and organizations who restore the sacred in their own communities, inspiring reverence towards God and the things of God. [More]

What is On Assignment?

On Assignment is StoryTel’s new investigative TV series produced for public broadcast and DVD distribution. Often featured on EWTN Global Catholic Network, On Assignment captures dramatic, transformative, true stories of people throughout history and today saying a humble "Yes" to God's work in the world. [More]

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Making sure people see what we produce is crucial to the success of StoryTel’s mission. Because of this, we strategically give away as much original programming as we can to significantly increase the number of people who will view and benefit from the message of our productions.