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StoryTel is pleased to offer the story of St. Peter Church, an episode of On Assignment, on DVD.

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The Call

Despite the amorality of our day, people are seeking intelligent, honest, spiritual and moral leadership. This desire has led many to begin restoring the sacred traditions that have been all but abandoned by society; but these efforts, and their amazing results, are rarely documented and portrayed on television or in other media.

StoryTel is working to fill this void by telling these stories in high quality media productions that present heroes of the past and present in powerful and entertaining ways. Through these godly role models, we inspire our viewers to pursue opportunities and solve problems that require a vision bigger than themselves.

Taking Action

StoryTel’s first On Assignment production, Saint John Cantius: Restoring the Sacred, investigates how a decaying old church in Chicago became a thriving religious and cultural treasure. When a Catholic priest with no previous parish experience arrived, he faced a building in severe disrepair, but he realized that there was an even deeper need: to restore the faith and sacred culture of the parish community.

Our second production, On Assignment: Salem Christian School, All Things Are Possible, focuses on the struggles of a 36 year old, inner-city Christian School in financial trouble and on the verge of closing its doors forever. Despite the school’s impending closure, the new principal and her teachers refuse to give up; they continue to work, pray, trust and wait on God for a miracle.

Reaching More Viewers

StoryTel Foundation has broadcast arrangements in place which expose millions of viewers to our finished programs. We gave EWTN Global Catholic Network the rights to “air in perpetuity” our production about Saint John Cantius parish. It was so popular, that it has been re-broadcast many times since. DVDs of this program have been flying off our shelves with hardly any promotion efforts!

We also donate our programs on DVD to non-profit organizations who benefit by distributing them to their constituent bases for sale or as a gift for a free will donation.

How To Help

Right now we have four programs in various stages of development and production, and we need a continual flow of prayers and funding to complete, package and promote these and all future projects.
Our first need is prayer—please do pray for our work, and let us know you are praying for us, so we can pray for you too!

 On the financial side, the cost range for each episode of On Assignment can run anywhere between $70,000 & $125,000. That’s a big price tag, but to compete with the production quality we’re all used to seeing on television, we must use the best tools and talent we can. Even at the cost range quoted above, our budget is only mid-range for similar programs. Much volunteer time still needs to be donated to accomplish each production.

If you feel called to help StoryTel produce our programs through a financial contribution, your gift will be much appreciated, tax deductible, and put to good use for God.

If you’re interested in partnering with us, either through prayer, a tax-deductible contribution or by volunteering your time and talent, we would be happy to speak with you and provide you with as much information as we can about StoryTel Foundation and our current projects.

To Donate

To help further our mission, please click here. Or, make your donation check payable to: “Storytel Foundation”, and send it to:

10506 Burt Circle
Omaha, NE 68114 

Together We Can Restore the Sacred...so let's do it!