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Remembering Dr. McArthur

We at StoryTel Foundation mourn the passing of Dr. Ronald McArthur and celebrate his life. Dr. McArthur was a co-founder of Thomas Aquinas College. Below is a video of him speaking to the students on March 6, 1996. This was one of our early productions, long before we were called StoryTel.

Bonus Video: 25th Anniversary Founder's Dinner

We also had filmed the 25th Anniversary Founder's dinner, given for the students on March 7, 1996. In this video the college's founders tell the stories of the college's beginning. 

Dr. McArthur's comments are at 49:00, 1:31:30, and 1:55:00.

Additionally, there are some wonderful comments from the late Dr. Thomas Dillon, the late Col. William Lawton, Jr., Dr. John Neumayr, the late Mr. Marcus Berquist, Mr. Peter Deluca, and Bishop Fabian Bruskewitz.

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